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SCC Honors Students, Celebrates Academic Excellence


Caleb Cook brought the audience to laughter at the Sandhills Community College 2014 Awards Ceremony as he received the RP Beasley Award. Cook was nominated by Director of Student Life Caitlin Rexrode and her remarks included how he is usually a "behind the scenes" worker in the SGA whose efforts and hard work could be overlooked. Cook approached the stage in a balloon art headpiece of his own creation. He regularly entertains local children and adults alike with his balloon talent. 80 students received awards as the academic year drew to a close. 

NC Governor Pat McCroy proclaimed April as North Carolina Community College Excellence in Education Month. On Wednesday, April 16, 80 students at Sandhills Community College were presented with awards in Owens Auditorium.

“The students receiving these awards have much to celebrate,” says NC Community College System President, Dr. Scott Ralls. “Whether they’re training for careers in health care, welding or other technical fields, or planning to transfer to a university, they are taking the next step toward reaching their goals and defining their own success.”

Awards presented and recipients were: The Thomas Andrew Coffey Spanish Award: Emily Lauder; John R. Hatcher Foreign Language Award: Courtney Paige Voss; John R. Hatcher Foreign Language Award: Kayla Dawn Fuquay; John and Grace Hoad Award-Joshua M.Babb, Matthew G. Parker, and Zakyree L.Wallace; Calms Humanities Award: Mistie Jo Williams; Lydia Spitler English 111 Award: Laura Beatrice Stancil, Rose K. Anderson Library Award: Brenda Lee Kidd, Sustainable Research & Design: Rudy Alexander Sirias, Anatomy & Physiology Award: Lorene Marie Petta, Anatomy & Physiology Award: Carol Anne Fry, Biology Award: Toni Gwen Richardson, Avery Dennis General Chemistry: Melissa Wriglesworth, Jonathan Willis Malcolm Organic Chemistry: Maxine Tiffany McInnis, Mathematics Award: Joshua Alan Cook, Gordon & Dorothy Hill Memorial Award: Chelsey Nichole Ritchie, Nola Arden Manning Memorial Early Childhood Education: Amy Lea McNeill, Casilear Middleton Award: Hannah Adina Kuhnert, Tom Williams Award: Tamala A. Johnson, The Department of Social & Behavioral Science B-Squared Award: Ronnie Harper, Patricia Robinson Memorial Art Award: Jermaine Faith S. Guillergan, Sandhills Photography Club: Jennifer Kelly Weygandt, Friends of Music Award: William Jervin Snipes, Music Faculty Award and Frances Price Wilson Excellence in Music: Teresa Alejandra Zapater, Medical Lab Technology: Christina Mae Cummings, Medical Laboratory Technology: Stacy Tucker, Wall & Brown Respiratory Award: Kevin Antionne Smith, Bill Byrtus Outstanding Respiratory Therapy Award: Charles Chester Rutka, Michael D. Emery Student Excellence in Radiography: Lea Popoca, Department of Radiography Clinical Award: Christianne Oehlhof and Susan Stallings Perhealth; Health & Fitness Science Faculty Award: Maria Angelica Jones, S.L.E.E.P. Awards: Kristy Bonk, Marla Bowman, Amelia A. Duerner, and Sabrena S.Gabriele, Lydia Blackwelder Memorial: Claudia Milena Archer, First Health Moore Regional Hospital Auxiliary: Pamela Diana Bennett, Mary Jo Perkins Practical Nurse Award: Mellette Adele Locklear, Floyd McDonald MSACE: Logan Kelsey West, Doris Gorman Tutor Award: Katherine Wynn Stroupe, John C. & Hanni Schulz Automotive Mechanic Awards: Alec Michael Hall, and Travis Dakota Stricklin, John C. & Hanni Schulz  Automotive Body Repair Award: Alfred Geoffrey Siege, Darwin Maness Memorial Auto Body Award: Robert Eugene Brunke, Julie Wilkins Batchelor Award: Lisa Marie Slaby, Reynold S. Davenport Civil Engineering Technology Award: Thomas Kenneth Dabolt, James M. and Helen C. Smith Memorial Award: Brian Matias-Morales and Randy Lee Ring, Gary Thompson Surveying Technology Award: Sierra Alexandra Armstrong, John G. O’Brien Engineering Technology Award: Luis Felipe Solis, Computer Engineering Award: Charles G. Holt, Networking Technologies Award: Billy W.Woods, Computer Programming Award: Andrew K.Thompson, Carl & Nora Sutton Memorial Award: Curtis C. Oyster, Digital Media Technology Award: Steven W.McKenzie, Melissa Wilkins Richardson Award: Klichele Janine Duhart, The Culinary Faculty Award: Christopher A. Potter, Business Faculty Award: Kathleen Jane Steele, Frank E. Spitler, Sr. Accounting Award: Jesse Renee Fillmore, Mary Lea Dixon Entrepreneurial Leadership: Adam Sadler Lachance, Anthony E. “Tony” Parker Entrepreneurship Award: Matthew G.Parker, SCC Cooperative Education Student of the Year Award: Maria Angelica Jones, SCC Work Study Student of the Year Award: Jennifer M.Routzahn, Armed Services Academic Excellence Award: Stacy Tucker, Professional Women's Network Award: Kristy Elizabeth Garner, Student Government Association: Shauntel J. Gaines and Tabitha Jordan, R.P. Beasley Award: Caleb Cook,H. Clifton Blue Award: Samantha Garrison, and Gilbert Morland Scholarship: Mary Elizabeth Bullard.

Academic Excellence Award

One student from each of the 58 North Carolina community colleges receives the Academic Excellence Award each year. The faculty at the college nominates students and a committee reviews all applicants to choose the student that best represents the college and its mission. 

Receiving a plaque and medallion in honor of his academic accomplishments was Max Harris. Harris earned a 3.9 GPA, was Treasurer of the Student Government Association and N4CSGA, wrote for the student newspaper, and served as President of the Rotaract Club. 

Harris plans to transfer to a four-year university and pursue a degree in business. “I made some poor life choices…(but) the people at Sandhills have been absolutely essential in changes in my life. My mother once told me, ‘What the caterpillar sees as the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.’ My story is a testament to the fact that anyone can change the direction of his or her life n two short years,” said Harris.

President Ralls commended Harris for laying a solid foundation on which to build his future successes. “I take great pride that our community college system played a role in helping you along your future pathway,” Ralls said in a letter to Harris. “The support you received from family, friends, staff and instructors aided you in your journey, but it was your drive and tenacity that continued to propel you forward.”

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