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Lavada Alsbrook, Faculty Secretary
Phone: (910) 695-3796
Office: 208 Little Hall
Jacqueline Babb, Coordinator & Professor, Digital Media Technologies
Phone: (910) 695-3802
Office: 207 Little Hall
Rick Hooker, Coordinator & Associate Professor, Networking Technologies
Phone: (910) 695-3791
Office: 242 Little Hall
Diane Innes, Department Chair & Coordinator & Professor, Computer Programming
Phone: (910) 695-3798
Office: 158 Little Hall
Charles Johnson, Instructor, Electricity
Phone: (910) N/A
Office: N/A
Wendy Kauffman, Dean, Academic Support
Phone: (910) 695-3814
Office: 163 Little Hall
Jaime McLeod, Distance Learning Design Specialist and Associate Professor, Digtal Media
Phone: (910) 246-4974
Office: 170 Little Hall
Johna Parker, Associate Professor, Computer Programming
Phone: (910) 695-3967
Office: 159 Little Hall
Scott Robinson, Assistant Director, Distance Learning and Associate Professor, Digital Media
Phone: (910) 695-3869
Office: 206 Little Hall
Robin Rourke, Assistant Instructor
Phone: (910) 246-4125
Office: 204 Little Hall
Jacob Sanchez, Instructor, Simulation and Game Development
Phone: (910) 246-4125
Office: 204 Little Hall
Paul Steel, Coordinator & Professor, Computer Engineering Technologies
Phone: (910) 695-3815
Office: 213 Little Hall
Marc Stromko, Coordinator & Associate Professor, Simulation and Game Development
Phone: (910) 695-3792
Office: 205 Little Hall
Jason Thomas, Instructor, Computer Technology
Phone: (910) 246-2853
Office: 240 Little Hall