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Sarah Bumgarner, Professor, Business Administration and Coordinator, Entrepreneurship
Phone: (910) 695-3751
Office: 212C Stone Hall
Victoria Collins, Coordinator, Office & Medical Office Administration and Instructor, Management & Business Technologies
Phone: (910) 246-4118
Office: 105 Meyer Hall
Cary Greene, Director, Admissions and Instructor, Business
Phone: (910) 695-3781
Office: 115 Stone Hall
Cathy Kruska, Associate Professor/Coordinator, Communication and Business Management & Technologies
Phone: (910) 695-3978
Office: 218 Logan Hall
Larry Little, Instructor, Business and Marketing
Phone: (910) 695-3754
Office: 210 Stone Hall
Felita Livingston, Instructor, Management & Business Technologies
Phone: (910) 695-3755
Office: 212D Stone Hall
Kirk Lynch, Department Chair & Professor, Management and Business Technologies, Assistant to the President, Special Projects
Phone: (910) 695-3866
Office: 108 Meyer Hall
Jackie McDonald, Instructor, Management & Business Technologies & Coordinator, Hospitality Management
Phone: (910) 246-4966
Office: 107 Meyer Hall
Cathy McLean, Faculty Secretary
Phone: (910) 693-2062
Office: 215C Meyer Hall
Ted Oelfke, Professor, Business
Phone: (910) N/A
Office: N/A
Rita Oldham, Instructor, Office Systems
Phone: (910) N/A
Office: N/A
Sue Senior, Professor, Health Sciences & Office Systems Technology
Phone: (910) 695-3922
Office: 170 Kennedy Hall
Catherine Skura, Coordinator, University Studies and Professor, Economics
Phone: (910) 695-3750
Office: 208 Stone Hall
Mary Speth, Cooridinator & Professor, Accounting
Phone: (910) 246-4129
Office: 106 Meyer Hall
Nevius Toney, Coordinator, Business Administration and Professor, Management and Business Technologies
Phone: (910) 695-3752
Office: 212B Stone Hall