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Student Services (Home > Student Services)

Kimberly Aliago, Admissions Associate
Phone: (910) 695-3738
Office: 115A Stone Hall
Jean Blue, Director, Records and Registration
Phone: (910) 695-3739
Office: 119 Stone Hall
Katherine Canfield, Part Time Military and Veteran Success Coach
Phone: (910) 246-2873
Office: 220C Stone Hall
Susan Carmac, Associate, Records and Registration
Phone: (910) 695-3741
Office: 118A Stone Hall
Jami Dandridge, Financial Aid Associate, Verification and Loans
Phone: (910) 693-2072
Office: 126 Stone Hall
Iyana Evans, Student Life Assistant
Phone: (910) 246-2871
Office: 222 Dempsey Student Center
Dr. DJ Farmer, Associate Vice President, Student Services
Phone: (910) 695-3714
Office: 123 Stone Hall
Jennifer Fields, Administrative Assistant to the VP of Student Services
Phone: (910) 695-3736
Office: 128B Stone Hall
Laura Flynn, Assistant Director, Records and Registration
Phone: (910) 695-3734
Office: 118 Stone Hall
Linda Fowler, Records and Registration Associate
Phone: (910) 695-3740
Office: 118A Stone Hall
Sarah Frick, Financial Aid Associate, Customer Service
Phone: (910) 695-3743
Office: 128C Stone Hall
Jonathan Garrison, Director, Sandhills Promise & Scholarships
Phone: (910) 695-3726
Office: 112 Stone Hall
Cary Greene, Director, Admissions
Phone: (910) 695-3781
Office: 115 Stone Hall
Tonelli Hackett, Student Success Specialist
Phone: (910) 695-3737
Office: 228 Stone Hall
Timothy Hunt, Director, Personal Counseling Services
Phone: (910) 695-3968
Office: 229 Stone Hall
April Ikner, Admissions Associate
Phone: (910) 695-3765
Office: 115A Stone Hall
Patricia Jeffries, Associate, Veterans Affairs
Phone: (910) 695-3729
Office: 121 Boyd Library
Kathy Liles, Student Success Specialist
Phone: (910) 695-3733
Office: 220B Stone Hall
Karen Manning, Director, Marketing and Public Relations
Phone: (910) 695-3995
Office: 171 Kennedy Hall
Rachael Mashburn, Part Time Assistant, Sandhills Promise & Scholarships
Phone: (910) N/A
Office: N/A
Rosa McAllister-McRae, Director, Student Services Hoke Center, Personal Counselor
Phone: (910) 878-5804 or 246-4944
Office: 112 Johnson Hall or 101 Blue Hall
Kelly Pfeister, Marketing Associate, Social Media Coordinator
Phone: (910) 246-4952
Office: 172 Kennedy Hall
Brandi Phillips, Director, Student Life
Phone: (910) 695-3858
Office: 223 Dempsey Student Center
Jeffrey Quick, Gear Up Success Coach
Phone: (910) 695-3787
Office: 113 Stone Hall
Ryan Riggan, Director, Recruiting and Associate Athletic Director
Phone: (910) 246-5365
Office: 127B Stone Hall
Julie Roddenberry, Coordinator, Communication and Military Outreach
Phone: (910) 585-2154
Office: N/A
Gwen Russell, Director, Career Development Services
Phone: (910) 695-3735
Office: 102 Blue Hall
Kellie Shoemake, Vice President, Student Services
Phone: (910) 695-3900
Office: 122 Stone Hall
Davis Smith, Director, Student Success
Phone: (910) 695-3732
Office: 221C Stone Hall
Joe Steppe, Safety and Student Conduct Officer
Phone: (910) 695-3911
Office: 120 Stone Hall
Teresa Taylor, Coordinator, Veterans Affairs
Phone: (910) 695-3902
Office: 122 Boyd Library
Cynthia Thomas, Assistant Director, Financial Aid
Phone: (910) 695-3989
Office: 124 Stone Hall
Shenika Ward, Director, Financial Aid & Veterans Affairs
Phone: (910) 695-3952
Office: 121 Stone Hall