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Kelly Rawlston, Part Time High School Equivalency Tester
Phone: N/A
Office: N/A
Frederick Ray, Housekeeping Event Technician
Phone: 910-695-3810
Office: McKean Campus Services Center
Walter Rea, Campus Police Officer
Phone: 910-878-5802
Office: 118 Upchurch Hall, Hoke Center
Dave Reece, Professor/Coordinator, Criminal Justice Program
Phone: 910-695-3931
Office: 230 Van Dusen Hall
Daniel Regalado, Associate Professor, Mathematics
Phone: 910-246-4946
Office: 208 Logan Hall
John Regan, Adjunct Associate Professor, History
Phone: N/A
Office: N/A
Tess Regan, Coordinator, Advanced Manufacturing
Phone: 910-246-4117
Office: 201 Palmer Annex Building B
Diane Reynolds, Director, Hoke Center
Phone: 910-878-5810
Office: Upchurch Hall, Hoke Center
Alicia Riggan, Professor/Coordinator, Physical Education and Head Volleyball Coach
Phone: 910-246-4122
Office: 114 Dempsey Student Center
Ryan Riggan, Director, Student Recreation and Associate Athletic Director
Phone: 910-246-4121
Office: 232 Dempsey Student Center
Jenna Rippy, Adjunct Instructor, Surgical Technology
Phone: N/A
Office: N/A
Katie Robinson, ADN Simulation Instructor
Phone: 910-695-3719
Office: 1014 Foundation Hall
Scott Robinson, Assistant Director, eLearning Online Accessibility and Professor, Digital Media
Phone: 910-695-3869
Office: 206 Little Hall
Lisa Rodak, Coordinator/Instructor, Architecture Technology
Phone: 910-695-3799
Office: 167 Little Hall
Dr. Rebecca Rodriguez, Adjunct Instructor, Landscape Gardening
Phone: N/A
Office: N/A
Robin Rourke, Assistant Instructor,
Phone: 910-246-4125
Office: 203 Little Hall
Dr. Rebecca Roush, Senior Vice President, Academic Affairs and Institutional Planning
Phone: 910-695-3704
Office: 107 Stone Hall
Derwin Royster, Evening Housekeeping Technician
Phone: 910-695-3810
Office: McKean Campus Services Center
Kathleen Rozanski, Adjunct Instructor, English, American Sign Language
Phone: N/A
Office: N/A
Terri Rush, Part Time Allied Health Instructor, Medical Administrative Assistant, Workforce Continuing Education
Phone: N/A
Office: Van Dusen Hall
Gwen Russell, Director, Career Development Services
Phone: 910-695-3735
Office: 102 Blue Hall
Lynne Russell, Part Time Allied Health Instructor
Phone: N/A
Office: N/A
Shalishah Russell, Coordinator, Disability Services
Phone: 910-246-4138
Office: 125 Stone Hall