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Dave Reece, Associate Professor, Public Services and Director, BLET Program
Phone: (910) 693-2666
Office: 127 Blue Hall
Cynthia Reeves, Instructor, Humanities and Anthropology
Phone: (910) N/A
Office: N/A
Daniel Regalado, Instructor, Mathematics
Phone: (910) 246-4946
Office: 235 Logan Hall
John Regan, Instructor, History
Phone: (910) 695-3864
Office: 223 Van Dusen Hall
Diane Reynolds, Program Associate and Instructor, Criminal Justice
Phone: (910) 875-8589
Office: Upchurch Hall
Teresa Reynolds, Director, Small Business Center & Dedman Leadership Institute
Phone: (910) 695-3938
Office: 101A Van Dusen Hall
Todd Richter, Instructor, Baking & Pastry Arts
Phone: (910) 693-2078
Office: 243 Little Hall
Carroll Rickard, Campus Security Officer
Phone: (910) 695-3831
Office: 109 Wellard Hall
Alicia Riggan, Associate Professor, Physical Education
Phone: (910) 246-4122
Office: 114 Dempsey Student Center
Ryan Riggan, Director, Recruiting
Phone: (910) 246-5365
Office: 228 Stone Hall
Debi Ring, Data Analyst
Phone: (910) 695-3720
Office: 204A Stone Hall
Regina Ritter, Coordinator, Telecommunication Services
Phone: (910) 0
Office: 114 Dempsey Student Center
Lewis Robertson, Professor, Biology
Phone: (910) 695-3761
Office: 221 Meyer Hall
Scott Robinson, Assistant Director, Distance Learning and Associate Professor, Digital Media
Phone: (910) 695-3869
Office: 206 Little Hall
Julie Roddenberry, Telecounselor
Phone: (910) 695-3911
Office: 120 Stone Hall
Imogene Roper, Instructor, Nursing
Phone: (910) 695-3986
Office: 108 Kennedy Hall
Robin Rourke, Assistant Instructor
Phone: (910) 246-4125
Office: 204 Little Hall
Dr. Rebecca Roush, Vice President, Academic Affairs
Phone: (910) 695-3704
Office: 107 Stone Hall
Gwen Russell, Director, Career Development Services
Phone: (910) 695-3735
Office: 102 Blue Hall
Shali Russell, Coordinator, Tutoring Center and Disability Services
Phone: (910) 246-4138
Office: 119 Logan Hall
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