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Dr. Craig Van Pelt, Associate Professor, Sociology
Phone: 910-246-4979
Office: 226 Van Dusen Hall
Caron Van Waardenburg, Part Time Intake and Assessment Specialist, College and Career Readiness
Phone: 910-695-3785
Office: 111 Van Dusen
Jami Vance, Instructor, Chemistry Lab
Phone: 910-695-3959
Office: 204 Meyer Hall
Aimi Vanden Oever, Coordinator/Instructor, Medical Lab Technology
Phone: 910-695-3839
Office: 164 Kennedy Hall
Yamil Velazquez, Professor, Spanish
Phone: 910-695-3870
Office: 223 Logan Hall
Marjean Venjohn, Part Time Library Assistant
Phone: 910-695-3819
Office: Boyd Library
Mike Ventola, Professor, Turfgrass Management
Phone: 910-695-3941
Office: 211 Steed Hall
Suzanne Via, Director, Information Technology Support
Phone: 910-695-3943
Office: 202B Stone Hall
Dr. Julie Voigt, Vice President, Instruction
Phone: 910-695-3715
Office: 106 Stone Hall