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Carlton Sallie, Campus Police Officer
Phone: (910) 878-5802
Office: 118 Upchurch Hall, Hoke Center
Jacob Sanchez, Instructor, Simulation and Game Development
Phone: (910) 246-4125
Office: 204 Little Hall
Carol Sayre, Instructor, Psychology
Phone: (910) 695-3864
Office: 232 Van Dusen Hall
John-Frederick Sayre, Instructor, Sociology
Phone: (910) 695-3912
Office: 232 Van Dusen Hall
Lucinda Scheib-Novosel, Instructor, Nursing
Phone: (910) 695-3851
Office: 120 Kennedy Hall
Denise Schliep, Clinical Coordinator, Medical Lab Technology
Phone: (910) 246-2866
Office: 167 Kennedy Hall
Ronald Schrein, Instructor, Surgical Technology
Phone: (910) 695-3918
Office: 162 Kennedy Hall
Martha Schultz, Associate Professor, Nursing
Phone: (910) 695-3935
Office: 110 Kennedy Hall
David Seiberling, Instructor, Music
Phone: NA
Office: NA
Sue Senior, Professor, Health Sciences & Office Systems Technology
Phone: (910) 695-3922
Office: 170 Kennedy Hall
Dillene Shanon, Library Associate
Phone: (910) 695-3819
Office: Boyd Library Circulation Desk
Dan Shea, Coordinator, Printing and Office Supply Services
Phone: (910) 695-3880
Office: 130 McKean Campus Services Center
Teresa Sheets, Administrative Assistant to Executive Vice President
Phone: (910) 695-3702
Office: 105A Stone Hall
Linda Sheffield, Instructor, EMS
Phone: (910) 695-3773
Office: 160 Causey Hall
Matthew Sheffield, Coordinator/Associate Professor, Architectural Technology
Phone: (910) 246-4940
Office: 169 Little Hall
Melissa Sherman, Accounts Receivable Specialist
Phone: (910) 246-4130
Office: 226 Stone Hall
Kellie Shoemake, Vice President, Student Services
Phone: (910) 695-3900
Office: 122 Stone Hall
Eileen Sikinger, Instructor, Nursing
Phone: (910) 695-3986
Office: 108 Kennedy Hall
Amber Simpson, Instructor, English
Phone: (910) 695-3914
Office: 134 Logan Hall
Kachina Singletary, Instructor, Developmental Studies
Phone: (910) NA
Office: NA
Catherine Skura, Coordinator/University Studies and Professor/Economics
Phone: (910) 695-3750
Office: 208 Stone Hall
Anna Slaughter, Instructor, Medical Lab Technology
Phone: NA
Office: NA
Davis Smith, Director, Student Success
Phone: (910) 695-3732
Office: 221C Stone Hall
Douglas Smith, Facilities Director
Phone: (910) 695-3811
Office: 105 McKean Campus Services Center
Jarvis Smith, HVAC Technician
Phone: (910) 695-3810
Office: McKean Campus Services Center
Deneane Smith, Coordinator Advanced Manufacturing
Phone: (910) 246-4117
Office: 104 Palmer Trades
Martha Smolenski, Learning Resources Associate
Phone: (910) 695-3904
Office: 104 Boyd Library
Cecilia Snyder, Instructor, Nursing
Phone: (910) 695-3847
Office: 116 Kennedy Hall
Ellen Spencer, Office Coordinator, Physical Plant
Phone: (910) 695-3810
Office: 116 McKean Hall
Mary Speth, Professor, Accounting and Coordinator, Accounting
Phone: (910) 246-4129
Office: 106 Meyer Hall
Ed Spitler, Department Chair/Professor, Engineering Technologies and Coordinator/Civil Engineering
Phone: (910) 695-3797
Office: 167 Little Hall
Nancy Stancil, Instructor, Nursing
Phone: (910) 695-3848
Office: 118 Kennedy Hall
Chantal Stanfield, Instructor, Nursing
Phone: (910) 695-3851
Office: 120 Kennedy Hall
Paul Steel, Professor, Computer Engineering Technologies
Phone: (910) 695-3815
Office: 213 Little Hall
Ricky Stephens, Evening Custodian
Phone: (910) 695-3813
Office: n/a McKean Campus Services Center
Joe Steppe, Assistant Police Chief
Phone: (910) 246-4131
Office: 109 Wellard Hall
Tammy Stewart, Associate Dean, Learning Resources
Phone: (910) 695-3821
Office: 107 Boyd Library
Alfreda Stroman, Associate Dean, Campus Diversity & Cultural Programs, Dept. Chair/Professor, Developmental Education
Phone: (910) 695-3872
Office: 217 Logan Hall
Marc Stromko, Coordinator/Instructor, Simulation and Game Development
Phone: (910) 695-3792
Office: 205 Little Hall
Dr. Kristie Sullivan, Dean, Planning and Research
Phone: (910) 695-3907
Office: 144 Blue Hall
Rick Swanson, Professor, Physics and Engineering
Phone: (910) 246-4943
Office: 111 Meyer Hall
Angie Swayne, Associate Director, College and Career Readiness
Phone: (910) 695-3933
Office: 127 Van Dusen Hall
Wanda Sweeney, Instructor, College and Career Readiness
Phone: NA
Office: 116 Van Dusen Hall