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Administration (Home > Administration)

Dr. Fallon Brewington, Vice President, Continuing Education and Workforce Development
Phone: 910-246-2858
Office: 124 Van Dusen Hall
Germaine Elkins, Vice President, Institutional Advancement
Phone: 910-695-3706
Office: 162A Causey Hall
Dr. DJ Farmer, Vice President of Student Services and Enrollment Management
Phone: 910-695-3714
Office: 123 Stone Hall
Ron Layne, Chief Operating Officer
Phone: 910-246-4109
Office: 105 Stone Hall
Dr. Rebecca Roush, Senior Vice President, Academic Affairs and Institutional Planning
Phone: 910-695-3704
Office: 107 Stone Hall
Dr. Alexander Stewart, President
Phone: 910-695-3701
Office: 108 Stone Hall
Dr. Julie Voigt, Vice President, Instruction
Phone: 910-695-3715
Office: 106 Stone Hall